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18th February 2019 

Body Psychotherapy and Biodynamic Massage in Central London

Body psychotherapy is a verbal and non-verbal approach which introduces bodywork into the therapeutic encounter on the understanding that mind and body cannot be separated. Through talking, touch, massage, movement and expression, body psychotherapy seeks to clear the mental and physical blocks preventing a person from being who they really are.

What has happened to you has happened to your body too. Often your body will hold past conflicts until a time when you feel ready to process them. Sometimes 'just talking' doesn't produce the depth of transformation needed for healing. At this point body psychotherapy will look for the truth that is held in the body to guide a person to their inner knowing. Your body is wiser than you think and the path to feeling more whole, alive and happy lies within!

Biodynamic massage is a method used alone or within body psychotherapy that explores where and how our psychological issues are being held in the body, releasing places of tension and waking up areas that feel lifeless. Within the therapeutic relationship, the biodynamic massage therapist tries to sense how their touch is being received by the client and where there may be anxiety or numbness in addition to safety and connection.

As humans we have a biological need for warm and supportive relationships. Many of us, growing up, were not cared for in a way that made us feel free and validated in our bodies and minds. As a body psychotherapist, I work from a place of deep acceptance and positive regard that offers a reparative model of relationship allowing the client to begin to trust themselves and their own wisdom.

My practice is located in Marylebone London W1, just off Oxford Street and a few minutes walk from Bond Street Underground Station. Call me on 07914 043041 or click here to email and let me know how I can help with:

  • feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or emptiness
  • a traumatic event or developmental trauma throughout childhood
  • physical symptoms that may also be psychological
  • feeling disembodied or stuck in one's head