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15th November 2019 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is body psychotherapy or biodynamic massage a treatment?
No, neither is a treatment like visiting an osteopath, chiropractor, deep tissue masseur or acupuncturist. Both methods are a joint investigation between client and therapist to understand the client better, and both require willingness on the part of the client to engage in self-reflection.

What is the difference between body psychotherapy and biodynamic massage?
It is difficult to separate the two, as they are both a form of therapeutic exchange between client and therapist. A biodynamic massage session will be structured around the massage itself - however elements from body psychotherapy (talking, release of emotion, movement, expression) may surface and make the session feel more like psychotherapy.

I am interested in trying a session - can I do this without committing to ongoing therapy?
Absolutely - in fact I would always advise booking just one session at first to see if you like my approach, and indeed if you like me! Then if you feel that this is what you have been looking for, we can arrange either a block of sessions or ongoing weekly therapy.

If I decide that I would like weekly psychotherapy, how long does this last?
I'm afraid that there is no answer to this as it depends on the depth of work that we are doing and the type of difficulties that you are facing. Sometimes blocks that have been held in place for a long time, take a long time to understand. Alternatively, it can take just a few key moments in therapy to give the client all they need at that point in their lives. What is important is open communication around ending therapy to ensure a proper sense of completion.

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